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VOTE! Sandals Resorts Luxury Included® Honeymoon Giveaway

Welcome to the Sandals Resorts Luxury Included® Honeymoon Giveaway! There are three ways for you to vote for your favorite couple finalists.

OPTION ONE: Vote here–daily, if you like! Just type in your e-mail and click the button to enter your vote. (Note: E-mails are only for casting and identifying votes; we don’t use them for marketing.)

OPTION TWO: Head to Facebook, “like” our page, AND “like” your favorite couple’s image. (Note: Voting this way counts as one vote during the run of the contest as you can only “like” the same image and same page once per Facebook user.)

OPTION THREE: On Facebook, “share” the image of your favorite couple. (Note: Voting this way counts as one vote during the run of the contest as you can only “share” the same image once per Facebook user.)

Voting concludes at 11:59 p.m. EST on June 5, 2015. All votes casted in the arenas and methods outlined above will be counted. The couple with the most e-mail votes, Facebook "likes," and Facebook "shares" will be deemed the Grand Prize Winner. Please note, there’s one vote on the Charleston Weddings website per person per day. The Grand Prize Winner will be notified and their names will be made public by June 15, 2015.

Good luck,

And vote your hearts out!

Special thanks to Sandals Resorts

For making this giveaway possible!

Sarah & Lockwood


Why do you want to win the giveaway?

As a gift for my son and his finance who are paying for most of their wedding on their own. 


Why are you the perfect couple to win this giveaway?

Lockwood has just ended his second year remission from leukemia. He was diagnosed the day after Christmas 2012 and his girlfriend, now finance, tag teamed with me (mother) beautifully and never left him alone for one single night whether in hospital or at home. For that reason they are one of the last in their circle of friends to get married. And they are paying for most of the wedding on their own. They are both physical therapists having met in graduate school now saddled with student loans and medical bills. And I think they need a break!

To vote for Sarah and Lockwood on Facebook click here.


Lora & David


Why do you want to win the giveaway?

Being able to win this for my fiancé (Firefighter at the City of Mount Pleasant Fire Department) would be a way to surprise him after all he has done, working 48hour shifts and picking up a part time job to save for an engagement ring and now planning for the wedding. Fire Fighters and teachers like myself don't make a large amount of money so it would just be an amazing way to show him thank you for all he's done. We have heard amazing things about Sandals and would live to experience one of your breathtaking resorts.

Why are you the perfect couple to win this giveaway?

My fiancé, David and I are not the only couple deserving of winning such an amazing honeymoon experience but we are one that would take full advantage of the entire resort and everything it has to offer. He is an amazing man who like me tries to work hard and give back to our community. It's the life we have chosen as a Firefighter and elementary school teacher/personal trainer. We love helping others and try to make a difference. To win the giveaway would be a wonderful way to show David my appreciation for the man he is and what he has done for me the past five years together before taking this next step and shortly after starting a family.


To vote for Lora and David on Facebook click here.


Eboni & Frankie



Why do you want to win the giveaway?

We would like to win this giveaway because we are not currently planning a honeymoon due to finances. We both have college loans and are trying to pay down our debts to be in a better financial state. My mother is actually giving us a small, intimate wedding because we were not planning on having a traditional wedding. This giveaway would allow us to have a wonderful honeymoon and truly celebrate our new marriage!


Why are you the perfect couple to win this giveaway?

We are the perfect couple to win this giveaway because we both work so hard on our jobs and are trying to financially prepare for our future. This giveaway would give us a much needed vacation and the opportunity to spend time away enjoying each other as husband and wife!


To vote for Eboni and Frankie on Facebook click here.

Rachel & Benjamin

Why do you want to win the giveaway?

We would love a chance to go to the Caribbean, let alone a honeymoon in the Caribbean. I have been once when I was 8 but my fiance has never been and has never seen clear water!! He first saw the ocean when he came to Charleston for school at 19! We have been trying to save up for a honeymoon since we got engaged, we even have a bucket that we put money and change into each month (great doorstopper too). As every new working graduate can understand the real world is expensive, that is why we would be so grateful to win this honeymoon!


Why are you the perfect couple to win this giveaway?

Ben is from a small farm in Missouri, and I am a Charleston native. He went to the Citadel and I went to College of Charleston, we met summer before sophomore year and have been together ever since. We are getting married in Charleston on 10/10/15 and just can't wait to have all of our friends and family here to celebrate, but also to spend some quality time together on this honeymoon! With Ben as a Charleston Police Officer and I working at the hospital as well as furthering my education, our schedules don't always match up. There are months where the only time we get to see each other is in bed from 3am-5am before one of us is out the door. A honeymoon would be amazing no matter where it is, because we are just exciting to have some time together relaxing and out of uniform.

To vote for Rachel and Benjamin on Facebook click here




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