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Make Their Dreams Come True!

Meet our four semifinalist couples in the running for the Seabrook Island Resort Beach Wedding Giveaway. They have shared their stories and hopes for winning a dream wedding at one of Charleston's most luxurious beach resorts. Now it is time for you to vote for the winner. There are three ways for you to vote for your favorite couple. 


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Voting will conclude at 11:59 p.m. EST on September 30, 2014. All votes casted will be counted. The couple with the most votes, "likes" and "shares" will be deemed the Grand Prize Winner. Please note, there’s one vote on the Charleston Weddings website per person per day. The lucky Grand Prize Winner will be notified and their names will be made public by October 15, 2014.


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Amanda and Ryan

North Carolina native Amanda admits that as a little girl she often dreamt of her wedding. “As the years went on,” she says, “the plans and inspirations just got better…all I was missing was the perfect guy—then I found him.” After less than a year of dating Spokane, Washington native Ryan, she says planning their future seemed like the most natural thing in the world. “So when he asked me to marry him,” she says, “there was no question as to what my answer would be.” While the pair got engaged in Scotland, the first trip they took as a couple was to Charleston and it became their new hometown not long after. A wedding at Seabrook, says Amanda, would not only show Ryan’s family how beautiful the South is, it would also realize her longtime wedding dreams. “Seabrook Island has everything I’ve thought of,” says Amanda, “the colors, sights, and sounds of an airy, light ceremony on the water, a manifestation of not just one, but all of my dreams come true. And I want Ryan to realize that moving across the country for love is going to be a decision he'll never regret. Starting it off with a beautiful celebration would just be, as the saying goes, frosting on the wedding cake!”

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Crystal and Marcus

Crystal and Marcus have a rather fateful romance going for them. The two met at West Point, then, years later while stationed in separate cities in Afghanistan, struck up a romance that played out over “handwritten letters, spotty Internet connections, and often disconnecting phone lines,” says Marcus. (Between missions, he says he even folded paper origami roses so he could send her a bunch of flowers.) When the two were back stateside, with Crystal stationed in Hawaii and Marcus in Georgia, one visit found him on the mic in a jazz club pouring out his love for her along with a proposal. They danced to “At Last” and soon decided to wed in Crystal’s hometown of Charleston. “We plan to retire there after our Army careers,” explains Marcus. “Crystal speaks of Charleston with reverence, with stories past, and with pure happiness as much of her family still lives there. And after walking along the Charleston’s coast, hand-in-hand with my wife-to-be and almost hypnotized by the gentle lap of the water, I, too, fell in love with the city.” Add in the area’s rich military history, plus the Gullah traditions that they hope to share with his California family, and there couldn’t be a better spot for them to say “I do.”

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Meghan and Ryley

After getting engaged in April, Charleston residents Meghan and Ryley had toured various venues here and both were struck by what she dubs the “wow factor” after visiting Seabrook Resort. But when she and her fiancé crunched the numbers, they just couldn’t make it work. Fate stepped in, though, when a bridesmaid shared a copy of Charleston Weddings and Meghan saw the giveaway. She crossed her fingers and jumped in to enter. Since both Meghan and Ryley work in the hospitality industry—he as a chef, and she in food and beverage marketing—she says they dream of a Big Day where they can experience some of Charleston’s renowned hospitality as guests themselves. “Whether it’s Christmas Day, Father’s Day, someone’s wedding day or just a regular Saturday you can bet that Ryley is at his restaurant making sure each and every one of his guests are satisfied while creating memorable experiences,” says Meghan. And as for Charleston itself? “Not only is it my dream wedding destination, it is my dream living destination,” says Meghan. “I moved down here from New England in 2009 and fall more in love with this city every single day.”

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India and Rob

Columbia residents India and Rob may be in their early twenties, but the two have been talking about marriage for years. So when Rob popped the question this May and soon after India saw the Seabrook Wedding Giveaway tweets on Charleston Weddings’ feed, she knew they had to throw their hats in the ring. And while the pair loves the beach (they hope that winning will kick off a new family tradition of seaside ceremonies), it’s old traditions that they are looking to lay to rest. “Charleston is a beautiful city with many attractions,” says India, “but the biggest reason it’s is my dream wedding destination is because of its history. For centuries many of my Charleston ancestors were not allowed marry. I would love to pay homage to them by getting married there as a true representation that everything comes full circle.” Well put! Rob and India, who blogs about everything from style to spirituality at TheReddBlogger, are also big-time vloggers, so we’re thinking if they win, we might all score some killer behind-the-scenes vids on YouTube!

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