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Don’t Miss these Local Etsy Finds!

Meet one local maker with unique goods perfect for your wedding weekend, plus score tips on shopping the site like a pro

Chaos to Art's embroidered sachets; Flowertown Weddings' custom ring bearer box; and Tuck & Bonté's pennant cake topper are just a few of the must-haves we've spotted on local Etsy shops of late. (Photographs courtesy of the vendors.)

March 9, 2017

Don’t Miss these Local Etsy Finds!
Meet one local maker with unique goods perfect for your wedding weekend, plus score tips on shopping the site like a pro

Scroll through Chaos To Art’s offerings on Etsy and you’ll see that, indeed, one person’s cast-off can be another’s treasure … at least with a little TLC. Since 2005, Oklahoma native turned West Ashley resident Jessie Maynard has been transforming well-loved antiques into gifts and décor that are ripe for the wedding world. Our favorites? The embroidered linens and colorful quilts she transforms into precious lavender sachets (how smart for a lingerie shower favor?) and heart-shaped patches (hello, escort card idea!).

After stumbling upon more vintage treasures than she could find time to repurpose, Jessie—a homeschooling mom who crafts on the side—launched a second shop, Chaos Supplies, in 2007. There, she sells old-school lettered tiles, fabric scraps, and more to fellow makers, like DIY brides. Here, she shares how she can make your wedding a standout.

Charleston Weddings: How did you get into recycled crafting?
Jessie Maynard: I’ve always been a crafter, so take one lazy college summer spent in a small town in Minnesota (they have the best estate sales), add inspiration from Internet crafting forums, and bam! It’s been 11 years and I can’t stop.

CW: Where do you find your materials?
JM: Everywhere—thrift stores (I frequent the local Habitat for Humanity ReStores, garage sales, estate sales, eBay, and friends’ and family members’ attics. I choose objects that have lost their usefulness (colored slides, for instance), items that are broken or outdated (board games or hardcover books), and linens that have holes or tears but still have beautiful sections.

CW: How do your creations fit in with weddings?
JM: I’ve filled custom orders for lavender sachets with embroidery colors matching the bride’s wedding or shower colors, and can work with a customer’s own materials to make sachets and ring bearer pillows. I’ve made mini-notebooks for favors, and book journals for guest books. Many items in my supply shop can also be used for DIY décor, such as patchwork quilt hearts and 35mm slides.

Homebase: West Ashley
Offerings: Chaos To Art sachets (start at $5.50 for three), journals ($7.50 and up), coasters ($15 for four); Chaos Supplies vintage greeting cards ($2.50 and up), photo slide frames ($3.50 for 25), quilt heart cutouts ($7 for 10); wooden lettered tiles ($18)
Custom Order Turnaround Time: Three days to two weeks
Daytime Gig: Homeschooling her daughter

On Etsy, innocent browsing for personal wedding touches (à la Pinterest) can devolve into a rabbit hole that can deplete a wedding budget with a few too many clicks. Here’s how to narrow your searches and find Etsy’s best Charleston-area makers for your Big Day.

Localize Your Search
Type “weddings” into the search box on Etsy’s home page. The next screen offers a refined search column on the left side. Select "Choose a custom location." At the next prompt, enter “Charleston, South Carolina” and you’ll get some 3,600 items from a cadre of area shop owners. To browse by Lowcountry boutique, scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on “Teams.” Enter “Lowcountry” or “Charleston, South Carolina” in the search and you’ll see multiple groups of Etsyers. Click on these to see team members and what they offer in their boutiques.

Ship or Stop By?
Opting for local vendors can be a money- and time-saver thanks to reduced shipping rates and distances. Many local vendors also have studios you can drop by to pick up your goods. Shopping here in town can save you rush fees, too, and allows for easier collaboration on custom orders.

Aside from dressing your reception, outfitting your gals in thank-you robes, and finding the bejeweled hair comb of your dreams, Etsy’s tops for building your wedding registry. Visit to set one up then share the link with invited friends and family.

Start Here
Every so often we prowl the site to see what great Charleston talent and goods we can find. Click here to find a few of our current favorite shops, offering everything from luxe dressing robes for brides and their maids to watercolor maps and more.


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